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Logic Error's Excellent Adventures

What happens when you contract rambling

Logic Error
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Warning, you are about to enter a zone of complete and utter lack of reasoning and other important things. I go by many Psuedonyms here on the internet, but I believe my current one captures my train of thought at the moment. I enjoy things like sushi, video games, and wasing my life on online games But that does not make me an otaku or a Japanophile. Some of my favorite musical styles are Techno, Jazz, Metal, New Age, and Orchestra, talk about a clash, but I absolutely hate rap, too much talk about "Pimpslapping that bitch like she was a ho, 'cause ho's be stealin' my drugs." (I'm pretty sure that sentence sums up the entire rap Genre.) One thing you should never ask me for is a Myspace Page, for you won't get an answer. I do not have one, nor do I intend on making one. I am completely nutty about my cockatiel, Siegfried.
acting like sheogorath, chzo mythos, cockatiels, impaling idiots, mabinogi, mahou shojo lyrical nanoha, phoenix wright, rozen maiden, saying dsfargeg, shock value, star trek, tengen toppa gurren lagaan, yelling "aids"