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Aparrently last night I had this really wierd assed dream. I was viewing it same way one would view "Starcraft" and there were cannons on traintracks, magical bird people, people living in giant flowers that looked kinda like giant purple sea anemones with petals rather than tentacles, an expedition in some ice caves (Though that was pretty much the first part of the dream.) And of course the weirdest part, well...

I hope you're ready for this.


A lightly armored Cabadath. And not only was it complete blasphemy, it was also completely freaking awesome. I'd imagine his battle style would be almost asort of flowing, rhythmic dance with moves designed to create as much of a painful death as possible.



Wow, just wow.


Ever get that sort of thing where you want to write something but you don't know exactly how to write it? well I'm kind of having that problem. I really need a way tostart this fanfic I'm writing. (No, not a secks one, but I may write that onthe sie, just for the lulz, but it will never see the light of day ever...unless you ask rather nicely.)

I need to get my keyboard fixed badly.

In this tutorial, I shall teach you how not to build a fortress in Second Life, more specifically, Fort Trilby The Bastion of all that is Chzo-y in Second Life. Okay I'm just satirizing my oebuilding style

The essentials.
1: All Fort Trilbies must be crappily built, with little regard to seams in the prims
2: All Fort Trilbies must have a brick exterior, and cheesy wallpapered interior.
3: The roof must be accessible from the inside to facilitate rooftop amenities
4: Acceptable shapes for Fort Trilbies compose of the general shape of any Tetris Block. No round shapes allowed.
5: All Fort Trilbies must be clearly marked with a simplified fedora and the words "Fort Trilby" near the entrance
6: Any Fort Trilby must be two floors or more, not including the roof.

Exterior options.
1: In addtion to the "Fort Trilby" identification sign, other exterior wall decorations can include Graffiti, wall mounted blood fountains, Blood splatters, and the heads of your enemies (For Target Practice)
2: Roof Amenities include but are not limited to: Sniper Towers, Hot Tubs, summoning circles, and glorified Flagpoles.
3: Acceptable flags include a simplified black fedora on white background, the Gurren Brigade Symbol, or a pair of underpants.
4: Flags must be perpendicular to the fort or at a slight angle to it.

Interior obligations options

1: Posters are a nessicity, all are fine as long as there is one Chzo Mythos related poster per floor
2: Science Tables, Cult books, blood stains, and small plush burglars are acceptable decorations and in fact, reccomended by  the Fort Trilby Builder's Institute
3:Blood stains and drags are a stylish addition to any Fort Trilby an can be applied to walls, floors, and ceilings

4: Metal ramps are an effective way to traverse the 2 various floors of Fort Trilby
5: Entrances can be made as needed to various addons.


Currently the only real tested addon for Fort Trilby is the handy "Van Garage" for parking vans of all types to keep them out of harms way. The Portal room is currently in testing, however no subjects have returned from their destination of the Ethereal Realm

And that is how you build Fort Trilby


Dammit, Dammit, DAMMIIIIIIIT


Do not fuck with Chzo

He doesn't like it when cultists disturb his nap. Chzo drawing credit to nightblade . Coming to a Deviantart page near you.

Star Trekkin'

Saw the new Star Trek movie last night, and contrary to my expectations that it would probably be a loaded pile of monkey bollocks, I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually really really good. My reasons behind the cut 'cause it contains spoilers and nobody wants to see that.


Recap, upcoming crap, SUPERBIRD.

So what happened in the last week? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Well, except for last Friday when I got locked out of my house for 5 hours like an idiot. This week has been a superhero week due to Iron Man, Batman, and SUPERBIRD.

The Art of Theft

Or rather, the art of not getting locked out of your own house by accidentally leaving your key at home. Funny how the fact that I almost have to break into my own house on the day I decide to wear my grey fedora to school. Fortunately, I didn't have to use my ghetto-rigged lockpick and I got in safely and had a nice nap.

Also, aparrently a certain picture of Cabadath and DeFoe ended up on Rule 34. Proof that the rules of the internet always prevail (With a little nudging. o.o.)

Oh, and cockatiels love power metal

[weeaboo] FINARU HIT [/weeaboo]

Welp, today was an interesting day, lemme break it down into pros and cons.

Pros: People aren't calling me fat anymore, and I have acquired Final Hit and trained it perfectly to rank E, double XP weekend
Cons: Final Hit sucks at rank F, I need 7 AP to rank it up, and I can't rebirth yet. (unless I suck Nexon's cock and buy a character card lolz.)

Now, I think Math Dungeon should be a hell of a lot easier.

Seriously, What the fuck?

Mabinogi related Rant Time again, on this issue of "Attorneyatlulz bitches about her favorite MMORPG", we discover what happens when you put me in a situation with a million judgemental people. Basically, this has been hell for my character Naira on the Mari server, why? Because at least 4 times this week (so far, will update if it happens again) poor Naira with her incredibly poofy yellow skirt, has been the victim of an unwanted comment.

Are you ready fo this?


You can turn back now if you want.

Okay, but you asked for it...

People have been calling my character fat. Seriously! of all the childish things for people to do, they go and run up and comment on other people's physique! Although I'm sort of overreacting to it (Okay at least I admit it, shut up.) It's not their place to judge a bunch of PIXELS on a COMPUTER SCREEN. Besides, I was on an all meat diet looking to get some extra strength, is it BAD that as a warrior, I need the muscles to better lay the smack down on dirty Fomors? Aparrently, nobody on Mabinogi LIKES muscles, because it's an ANIME STYLED GAME where BEAUTIFUL BISHIE BOYS AND GIRLS run around and kill shit without breaking a single bone in their SCRAWNY LITTLE TWIG BODIES.

And to be honest, I hope they do, proof that functionality trumps aesthetics any day.

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